Sailing Courses

As a recognised RYA Training Centre, we are able to offer RYA Dinghy Sailing Courses that can take you from your first experience in a boat up to a confident and accomplished sailor.

Adult Courses  (age 14+)

RYA Level 1 – Is an introductory course to dinghy sailing. The course takes place over 2days/16 hours and gives students the basic skills and knowledge to sail around safely in calm conditions.

RYA Level 2 – is the next step. Again 2days/16 hours, this course teaches you how to rig, launch and recover your own boat, sail on all points of sail in moderate conditions and how to recover from a capsize. As well as this, basic theory is covered.

RYA Level 3, Day Sailing, Dinghy Seamanship Skills, Dinghy Sailing with Spinnakers also available

Youth Courses (age 8+)

Youth Stage 1 –  A 2 day course providing you a basic understanding and feeling of how a boat sails, giving you confidence on the water.

Youth Stage 2 – Here you will gain basic sailing skills, allowing you to manoeuvre the boat, control your speed and understand the basic principles.

Youth Stage 3 – During this course, you will learn how to sail a triangle course in moderate conditions and how to launch and recover your boat.  You will also be able to recover a capsized dinghy in the water.

Youth Stage 4 – By the end of this stage, you should be able to competently sail around a triangle unaided, using the 5 essentials whilst sailing in a crewed dinghy.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, please contact us here.

These courses can be ran separately and are based on a ratio of 6 students to one Instructor.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Winter /Spring dates now available. If interested, contact Nuffield Centre office today.